Creations by Diana Grace

Your vision, my design.

The Gem In I Digital Creations

Welcome my people! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, Diana Grace!

I’m a strong believer that everyone has something special to share with the world. Sometimes understanding how to deliver that message is where we tend to let our dreams drift away. Being one of NYC’s Brightest since 2007, I’ve had the honor of helping our youth learn how to navigate this world. Leading to the realization that it was time to continue my dreams - and so The Gem In I Digital Creations was born!

The Gem in I Digital Creations is dedicated to helping small businesses, bloggers, and all other creatives alike, brand their business, and grow their audiences.


Website Design

Legitimize your business with a professional website!

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Logo Design

An image or symbol to be used to represent your business for branding purposes.

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Business Cards

Traditional marketing still exists! Order your business cards today!

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Social Media Content

Fresh, original content to boost your social media accounts.

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Photo Editing

Take those phone photos and turn them into something memorable!

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Digital Marketing - Analytics and Branding

Using the statistics from a website, The Gem In I Digital Creations tells the story behind the numbers to grow your brand.

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